DCE Home


Delightful Corner of England?
or maybe Dunwich Cliffs Estate?
We know a whole new world is there
when we drive through the big wide gate.
The change of pace ,the gentleness
envelops us and holds us tight.
A magic cloak, a wrap around
to keep us safe from morn'til night.
Familiar sounds assail our ears.
Beyond all else there is the sea
moving the shingle back and forth,
constantly shifting,never free.
The mournful cry of the seagulls,
an oystercatcher flying through,
the blackbird's sweet, melodious song
mellifluous, rich and true.
Above our heads the majesty
of a thousand acres of sky
with beautiful changing patterns
as all the clouds swirl swiftly by.
The colours are better by far
when Mother Nature makes the choice,
a joyous sunrise, sunsets too,
a regal moon,our hearts rejoice.
Our own parallel universe
through the big wide gate at D.C.E,
a village of summer people
who love to live beside the sea.